Obduction, Cyan Inc.

Congratulations to the Obduction Kickstarter!

In a bit of my free time I’ve been helping provide additional artwork to Cyan Inc.’s New Kickstarter, Obduction. You can see some of my work (namely all of the 3d pine trees)...

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Rifle Model


Rifle model. The Ammo clip is fully modeled and removable, the iron sight is modeled at a higher resolution for closer viewing, and the trigger and  ejection port covers are functional (modeled as...

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Blue Fang Games Miscellaneous Unreleased Assets

Textures hand painted in Photoshop, modeling done with 3dsMax. In addition to modeling and texturing, I also rigged the monkey skeleton and crab models for havok ragdoll physics in 3dsMax. All images copyright Blue...

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Construction Signboard

298 triangles with a 148 tri LOD model, 512×512 diffuse texture, 3ds Max 9.

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844 triangles, 512×512 diffuse texture, Maya 8.5.

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