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Melinda Rose

Location: Bellevue, WA

Phone: (541) 510-8781






·         4 years professional experience with 3 published game titles, and multiple unannounced titles in a 3d Artist role.

·         A passion for creating clean, accurate, on-model, hard surface and organic 3d art assets with proper UV layouts and lighting inside Autodesk 3dsMax, Maya, and Luxology Modo.

·         Excellent working experience using programs like 3dCoat, xNormal, and nDo/nDo2 to speed up the production pipeline.

·         Excellent working experience using Adobe Photoshop to create stylized, hand painted textures.

·         Expert knowledge of sewing and real-world clothing construction techniques which translate into creating realistic clothing and cloth simulations using Marvelous Designer 2/Clo 3d.

·         Experience with organic modeling, texturing, and normal map creation using Pixologic Zbrush.

·         Thorough working knowledge of the Mental Ray rendering process.

·         Excellent foundations skills, including composition, design, and color theory.

·         Strong work ethic and attention to detail with excellent verbal and written communication skills.





Microsoft Games Studios– March 2012 – March 2013

Microsoft Games Studios IEB Central Media Division, contracting through Collabera – 3d Artist

·         Worked on a variety of announced and unannounced projects during my 1-year contract with Microsoft’s Central Media department, including but not limited to:

·         Character modeling for “Adera” (2012)for Windows 8 using Maya and Zbrush.

·         Hard surface sci-fi armor modeling.

·         Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, and mental ray render set-up and creation.

·         Clothing simulation using Maya nCloth.

·         Character skin weight painting.

·         Creation of character hairstyles using a variety of techniques such as Zbrush, Maya, and HairFarm in 3dsMax.

·         Realistic digital clothing and pattern design within Marvelous Designer and Zbrush for characters in unannounced titles.


Blue Fang Games– May 2008 – January 2010

Shipped title: “World of Zoo” (2009)for Wii and PC – Environment Artist

·         Worked as environment artist team lead on four out of eleven environments in World of Zoo, as well as numerous additional smaller sets, pre-rendered company logo, and design prototypes.

·         Modeled and textured modular, hard-surface, and organic set pieces and props for a diverse set of environments using 3dsmax.

·         Worked with level designers to create initial low-detail layout geometry and collision.

·         Assisted and mentored fellow environment artists.

·         Rigged and weight painted mesh models for Havok physics and animation.

·         Worked closely with programmers to ensure assets were fully optimized for target platforms while minimizing any impact on artistic integrity.

·         Participated in the R&D of new  techniques to implement into the production pipeline.

Cyan Worlds– June – September 2007

Shipped title: “Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle” (2007)for Mac and PC – Environment Artist, short term contract.

·         Responsible for all modeling, props, texturing, lighting, and atmospheric effects for two of the game’s six playable environments.

·         Worked from photo reference, style sheets, and concept art during the art creation process.

·         Created color/diffuse, specular, ambient occlusion, UV, and incandescent texture maps using 2D and 3D applications.



The Art Institute of Portland, 2005-2008,

Game Art and Design Major, 3.9 GPA, with two summers of working experience. (One summer traditional internship, the next summer re-hired as a paid contract environment artist.)

·         Used Autodesk Maya extensively to create 3d mesh assets, unwrapped UV’s, and created geometry for normal maps.

·         Rigged and animated character models and cameras.

·         Edited videos and renders using Adobe Premiere.

·         Created realistic textures using photo-reference, normal maps, and baked ambient occlusion.





Phone: (541) 510-8781




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