Rifle Model

Rifle model. The Ammo clip is fully modeled and removable, the iron sight is modeled at a higher resolution for closer viewing, and the trigger and  ejection port covers are functional (modeled as separate geometry with their own pivots.)

The model (including both the gun and extra bullet) weigh in at 1954 triangles, and lit entirely by a 512×512 diffuse texture. I modeled the rifle based off a found design created using pimpmygun.doctornoob.com

It was an interesting challenge to decide how I should best combine all of the kitbashed rifle elements into a cohesive and realistic gun while staying under a limit of 2000 tris.  :)  Note that I modeled this for optimal polygon useage. If I knew it was going into an engine that favored water-tightness I wouldn’t have done as much interpenetration of geometry, but the polycount would be higher. (Or I would have needed to sacrifice a little more geometry. Likely coming from the iron sight, since it was modeled at a slightly higher resolution, or the handle grip since it would be seen less in an in-game situation.)


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