Realistic Denim Jeans

While working in Central Media at Microsoft, one of my skill sets was my knowledge of real-world clothing construction and pattern drafting. I was able to put these skills to use creating digital clothing for characters using a combination of programs, most notably Clo3D’s Marvelous Designer,  Maya, Modo, and Zbrush. Here are a pair of pants I created from scratch in 3d by drafting the pattern tailored to the 3d character using Marvelous Designer, sculpting details, texturing, and finessing details in Zbrush, and creating a lowpoly mesh in Maya.

These screencaps are straight out of Zbrush. All of the stitching details are contained in a mask layer so the colors can be changed on the texture sheet.



These WIP shots show the game rez mesh:



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2 Responses to “Realistic Denim Jeans”

  • Ile

    How do you make the creases, wrinkles around stitches, you know the denim effect, in Marvelous Designer or in ZBrush?

    • admin

      It was a bit of both actually. The major seamlines in the pants got a lot of their wrinkles and creases from fabric drape in Marvelous designer. Then I used Zbrush to add in any top stitching, and to exaggerate or add additional wrinkles where necessary. :)

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