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Hey there!  Since I’ve been getting so many new visitors to my site, I figured it might be nice to put together a “Best Of” collection, with links to their corresponding pages.  If you like what you see here, feel free to dig in and browse through the rest of my works, check out my Resume, or shoot me an email at – thanks!

My Little Pony 3D Models – Personal Project. Characters designed by Studio B Productions and Hasbro.


“World of Zoo” Environments and Props
Blue Fang Games.

Bear character model, musical totem pole, snow machine, fallen log, and central two oak trees modeled by other artists.

Lion model and musical totem modeled by other artists.

“Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle” Environments and PropsCyan Worlds Inc.   Alien character, hexagonal game tiles, and UI elements created by other artists.

San Francisco Cable Car – Personal Project

“The Time Machine” – Personal Project

Pocket Watch – Personal Project

Space Galleon – Personal Project

Zbrush Models – Personal Projects


Street Props – Personal Projects


I hope you stay and look around further!  :)

-Melinda Rose

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